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Dr Thomas Thorne. Eleanor Harding. Bishop Grantly. Mortimer Gazebee. Mark Robarts. Johnny Eames. Adolphus Crosbie. Lily Dale. Archdeacon Theophilus Grantly. Bernard Dale. Sir Raffle Buffle.

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Bishop Thomas Proudie. John Bold. Dr Thorne. Tom Towers. Sir Abraham Haphazard. Sir Omicron Pie. Thomas Toogood. Mr Soames. Isabella Dale.

Bernhard von Hardenberg. Karoline Just. Augustus Musselboro. Leutnant Wilhelm Mandelsloh. Dobbs Broughton. Clara Van Siever.

CASELLANTE - Definition and synonyms of casellante in the Italian dictionary

Rahel Just. Mrs Maria Broughton. Lady Alexandrina de Courcy. Erasmus von Hardenberg. Joseph Cradell. Amelia de Courcy. Lady Julia de Guest. Plantagenet Palliser. Arcidiacono Theophilus Grantly. Mrs Thorne. Mrs Roper.

Publisher Series: La memoria Sellerio

Christopher Dale. Dr James Crofts. Mrs Mary Dale.

MONI OVADIA: "Il Casellante" di Andrea Camilleri. Nella barberia di Don Amedeo

Alexandrina de Courcy. Fritz von Hardenberg. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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Sophie von Kuhn. Earl Theodore de Guest. Grace Crawley. Sir Lamda Mewnew. Dr Gwynne. Miss Thorne. Mr Quiverful. Dr Fillgrave. Dr Rerechild. Lady Arabella De Courcy Gresham. Sir Roger Scatcherd. Mary Thorne. Charlotte Stanhope.

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  5. Madeline Neroni. Dr Thomas Proudie. Dr Grantly. Eleanor Bold. Dr Vesey Stanhope. Mrs Quiverful. Mr Arabin. Obadiah Slope. Ethelbert 'Bertie' Stanhope. Rev Caleb Oriel. Martha Dunstable. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. Martha Thorne. Mary Gresham. Mrs Crawley. Major Henry Grantly. Madalina Demolines. Mrs Dale. Mr Tempest. Mary Crawley. Mr Fothergill. Sir Louis Phillipe Scatcherd. Lady Scatcherd. Lord Buckish. Fanny Robarts. Lucy Robarts. Nathaniel Sowerby. Lady Lufton. Ludovic, Lord Lufton. Conway Dalrymple.

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